Lypazyme BottleLypazyme, by Houston Enzymes, is a combination of 3 different lipase enzymes that help to break down food triglycerides into short-chain fatty acids. Especially helpful for high-fat meals or when using fish oils or omega-3 products as supplements, Lypazyme is the answer for digestion of triglyceride fats much sooner than anything else. Diets like the ketogenic diet can sometimes result in slower stomach emptying which can lead to bloating and discomfort. Lypazyme was designed to assist in these types of scenarios and is available in small capsules for easy intake.

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Each bottle of Lypazyme contains 120 capsules. The primary ingredients in Lypazyme are a 3 lipase blend with a total of 1000 FIP. No added sugar, starch, dairy, soy, yeast, wheat, artificial flavors or animal derivative. The capsule is a vegetable cellulose capsule.

Why Lypazyme?

A sluggish digestive system frequently causes discomfort for those after eating. This often results in bloating and other digestive problems in people. Dietary changes or an improper diet that doesn’t agree with the individual may contribute to these digestive problems. Lypazyme is a supplement that can regulate the digestive system by improving the way the body breaks down fats.

In a normal diet, the stomach has no problem handling the fat intake from a diet. A fatty diet that consists mainly of triglycerides will cause poor digestion. Diets low in carbohydrates and high in fat can slow down the digestive system and cause it to function improperly. When a person consumes too much fat, the digestive system may begin to slow down. As the stomach tries to empty the system, it bloating and abdominal pain occurs. When the stomach cannot empty itself quickly enough, the digestive disturbances occur.

Lypazyme Ingredients


Lypazyme BottleThe sluggish activity is related to the body’s ability to properly handle triglycerides. In order to be digested properly, the triglycerides have to be broken down. The lypazame supplement facilitates the process of breaking down these fats in the system. It does this by altering the structure of the fats ingested from the foods eaten. In its ability to manipulate the fats, the body can better ingest the fats consumed.

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Three enzymes contained in lypazame work together to break down the triglycerides in foods. Together, the three enzymes ensure the complete breakdown of the triglycerides into simpler fats that can be more easily digested. The three lipase enzymes are responsible for making the triglycerides easier to digest properly. The better the digestive system is at breaking down the triglycerides, the smoother the digestive process.

Lypazyme Ingredients

People with diets rich in fat or who have noticed a sluggish digestive system may benefit from incorporating a supplement like this into their diets. Those who have low carb diets that include liberal amounts of fat may also see improvement in their digestive system with lypazame. This supplement may help support proper digestive functions in those experiencing bloating and abdominal discomfort in between meals. People who have a diet higher in fats benefit from taking these supplements.