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EnzymeCo is your source for premium enzyme products from leading manufacturers like Houston Enzymes. Every product we offer comes with your children and health in mind. We are proud to offer a our Low Price Promise on all products and fast shipping around the world.


TriEnza Houston EnzymesOne of the more popular enzyme supplements, TriEnza just works. It’s available in capsule or powder form. TriEnza combines the best of No-Fenol, Zyme Prime and AFP-Peptizyde with no added fillers. TriEnza includes Peptidase with DPP IV, DPP IV, Amylase, Xylanase, Lactase, and more. Learn more


AFP Peptizyde Houston EnzymesAFP-Peptizyde is available as both capsule and chewable. It offers high DPP IV activity without papain and increases breakdown of casein, gluten and soy protein. This is the odorless and tasteless version of Peptizyde. Learn more


No-Fenol Houston EnzymesAvailable in both capsule and chewable form, No-Fenol is all about helping children eat fruits and vegetables by helping to limit the problems thought to be associated with polyphenolic compounds. Xylanase is the major compound in No-Fenol. Learn more

Zyme Prime

ZymePrime Houston EnzymesZyme Prime is available as capsules or chewables. It is a modified version of the popular HN-Zyme Prime and is made up of a combination fo 9 high-concentration enzyme blends. Zyme Prime has also had the bromelain and papain removed for latex sensitive individuals. Learn more


ZyCarb Houston EnzymesZyCarb is a smaller capsule formulation to help with digestion or starches, carbohydrates and sugars. ZyCarb is similar to Zyme Prime with less stool-firming effects. Learn more


Lypazyme Houston EnzymesLypazyme, by Houston Enzymes, is a combination of 3 different lipase enzymes that help to break down food triglycerides into short-chain fatty acids and is especially helpful for high-fat meals. Learn more