TriEnza Powder

TriEnza PowderTriEnza Powder, by Houston Enzymes, is a broad-spectrum digestive enzyme that provides comprehensive digestive support. TriEnza powder is a convenient and cost-effective option, containing three of Dr. Houston’s proprietary enzyme products, including AFP-Peptizyde for protein digestion, Zyme Prime for carbohydrate digestion, and No-Fenol for fibrous fruits and vegetables also high in the naturally-occurring chemical, phenol.

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TriEnza powder comes in a 105 grams container which is enough for 180 doses (the equivalent of two bottles of the 180 capsules TriEnza).

Trienza powder includes all of the protease enzymes for protein digestion from AFP-Peptizyde, all of the enzymes from Zyme Prime (except cellulose which could interfere with time-released medications so it was omitted), and 1/2 of the enzymes from No-Fenol (xylanase) for certain fruits and vegetables high in phenols. Enzyme ingredient components in Trienza powder include Peptidase with DPP IV, Protease, Amylase, Glucoamylase, Alpha-galactosidase, Xylanase, Beta-glucanase, Lactase, and Lipase.

Trienza powder is used to promote optimal digestion for children and adults. Many researchers believe that taking enzyme supplements can actually delay the aging process. Trienza may be used instead of, or in addition to a gluten and casein-free diet depending upon individual needs. In addition to its digestive support, it provides those following a GFCF diet with additional peace of mind in the event of a dietary issue.

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Trienza is available in three different formulations including capsules, chewables, and a powder form. TriEnza powder is particularly convenient because it can easily be mixed with cool or warm foods or beverages. This can be especially important for children and adults who have difficulty swallowing capsules, and for those who do not like the chewable tablet option. The powder form is the same as the other Trienza forms, although MCT oil, derived from palm oil, was added to the powder formulation. MCT oil helps to promote easy scooping when dosing and to minimize the enzyme powder from becoming airborne.

TriEnza Powder Directions

Mix 584 mg. (approximately 1/4 teaspoon or slightly heaping scoopful using enclosed scoop) with food or beverage prior to each meal. 584 mg or 1/4 teaspoons equals 2 capsuls of TriEnza. More may be taken as desired. Use care not to inhale enzyme powder.

While enzyme supplements are generally considered to be safe, caution should be exercised in those with stomach ulcers or serious digestive problems or other medical issues. Consult your qualified medical professional to see if Trienza is right for you.

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