Zyme Prime

ZymePrime Houston Enzymes BottleZyme Prime by Houston Enzymes is a HN-Zyme Prime formula with a few modifications. In Zyme Prime, the bromelain and papain have been removed so that there will be a higher tolerance for people that are latex sensitive. There is one fungal derived protease still in Zyme Prime that helps with the proteins that are found in starches and there’s also additional lactase and alpha-galactosidase added. Zyme Prime does use a cellulose filler now, instead of the rice bran that was used before. There are 9 enzymes in Zyme Prime that are in high concentration. These help with breaking down of complex carbohydrates, triglyceride fats, starches and proteins. There is less bloating and gas when taking Zyme Prime, since it works very well at carbohydrate hydrolysis. It also can help with digestion of certain foods, such as lactose based foods.

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Zyme Prime Ingredients

Zyme Prime is comprised of the following ingredients, which are:

  • Amylase – 12,000 DU
  • Glucoamylase – 25 AGU
  • Protease 4.5 – 40,000 HUT
  • CereCalase – which is a combination of Hemicellulase, Glucanase and Phytase – 400 MU
  • Alpha-Galactosidase – 200 GaLU
  • Lactase – 1,500 ALU
  • Lipase – 200 FCCLU

There is also cellulose and/or medium chain triglyceride (MCT oil).

Zyme Prime has no rice, no gluten, no casein, no soy, no MSG, no saliclyates, no sugar or artificial colors added. Zyme Prime also has no upper limit of enzyme dosing. Large doses of enzymes have been shown to be digested without any problems with toxicity or other side effects. Typically 1 to 4 capsules can be taken with food and water or with each meal. Dosages can be changed to find the right amount to take per person.

Zyme Prime Ingredients Label

Order zymeprime houston enzymes

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Zyme Prime Benefits

Zyme Prime has many benefits. It can be used to reduce the bloating, gas production and cramping that is associated with specific types of food due to dietary problems and/or intolerances. Zyme Prime aids with lactose and fatty food intolerances by easing the resulting symptoms that occur after ingesting such types of food. Digestive benefits that have been noted include firmer and healthier stools and improved tolerance of phenolic foods. It has also been noted that Zyme Prime has resulted in better weight gain for children who are underweight, this could be a result of the increased bioavailability of food nutrients.

The major ingredients in Zyme Prime are Amylase, Glucoamylase, Protease, CereCalase, Hemicellulase, glucanase, phytase, Alpha-Galactosidase, Lactase and Lipase. Zyme Prime does not contain either bromelain or papain and is therefore tolerable by people with latex sensitivities. Other ingredients include Cellulose and medium-chain triglyceride oil (MCT oil). Zyme Prime does not contain rice, gluten, casein, soy, MSG, salicylates, sugar or any artificial coloring.

Zyme Prime Dosage

ZymePrime Houston Enzymes BottleDosage is more of a personal preference and is subject to experimentation to find the most effective dosage for each individual. There is currently no scientific evidence that supports an upper limit for oral enzyme supplements. Numerous animal studies have been undertaken and the results lead to the conclusion that it is possible to take very large doses of oral enzymes without any toxic or otherwise ill effects. It is recommended that Zyme Prime be taken at dosages of one to four capsules during the beginning of or immediately before each meal. Zyme Prime may also be taken during and even after the meal, as the food remains in the stomach for approximately three hours after the meal.

It should be noted that the dosage is related to the amount of food contained in the meal. Therefore, it is recommended that the number of capsules taken be completely dependent upon the size of the meal. Keep in mind that body weight and age do not factor into the dosage. For meals that contain more carbohydrates and/or fats, the number of capsules taken may be towards the upper end of the recommended amount. The absolute maximum number of capsules ingested at any one time should be not more than 5 and 9 capsules should be the maximum number of capsules ingested consistently during any 24 hour period.

Zyme Prime may be taken along with other supplements and medications. However, exercise caution when using products that contain cellulase with sustained release properties and consult a physician as necessary. Any person with an allergy to Aspergillus enzyme proteins should seek the advice of their physician prior to use and any person with anaphylactic allergic reactions to any type of fungal protein is advised against using fungal derived enzymes.

Order zymeprime houston enzymes

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